TEST KITCHEN: Vietnamese Salt and Pepper Shrimp Noodle Bowl or A Lesson in the Art of Substitution 

(Top image: pro photo and prep via Cooking Light Bottom Image: iPhone photo of my version’s lunchbox leftovers)

We’ve been making a lot of big purchases lately, so when it came to grocery shopping last week, that meant tightening our budget a little. 

With that said, I tried to save a buck or two by replacing a few of the non-game-changing ingredients in this recipe with comparable staple ingredients I had on hand. 

The recipe (via Cooking Light): http://www.myrecipes.com/m/recipe/shrimp-rice-noodle-bowl-50400000126273/

What I changed: 

- I swapped kale for green leaf lettuce 

- I left out the cornstarch and mint leaves

- I swapped peanuts for slivered almonds

Like almost every recipe I post on here, this recipe was technically easy to make. It did however involve a fair amount of chopping. 

The way the recipe is laid out also makes it seem more difficult than it really is too. They group too many steps into one big paragraph/